Room 2 – 1 yr to 2 yr


The Daisy Room is for children aged between 14 months and roughly 2 years.  This room is directly joined to the Buttercup Room therefore we are able to provide a smooth transition for when the time is right for your child to move up a room.


For us to develop your child we ensure:

  • The play room is equipped with toys and resources suitable for age and stage of development.
  • We set the play room out into different areas such as home area to allow for role play, book corner and music area to name a few.
  • We encourage children to explore different textures and experiences through their senses with activities including sand, water, paint, gloop, playdough.
  • We use the sensory room to further promote the use of senses in the childrens learning; with specially selected resources, lights and music.
  • We use the central area with balancing beams, play mats, singing, dancing and other physical activities.
  • We use the garden as an extension to the play room for outdoor learning experiences.

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