Parent Support

We have set this page up as we know that although our children bring us lots of love, joy and happiness there are times when as a parent you feel you need some guidance or support. And, although there is a lot of help and support out there sometimes finding it is the difficult part, therefore this page contains links to useful links and resources.

Super Nanny

A vast amount of infomation and advice on every day challenges faced by parents such as biting, tantrums, bedtime routines and much, much more.

Parenting across Scotland

Parenting across Scotland is a partnership of charities which offers support to children and families in Scotland. The website offers online information and free telephone support helplines.


Advice and discussion groups covering many topics such as potty training, online safety and much more.

Baby Centre

Great for pregnancy and early stages as well as information on behaviour, health and nutrition.

Learning for Life Together

to engage mums, dads and other carers in their own and their children’s learning to raise attainment and achievement for all.


Gives advice to parents about keeping your child safe, positive parenting tips and has free downloadable booklets with practical parenting tips.

If you come across useful information that you feel other parents would benefit from please let us know and we will share it with other parents. We will try to arrange regular visits from professional practioners to address some of the challenges parents face.

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