Mission Statement

An artist's work is never done.

An artist’s work is never done.

The owners and staff at Little Scholars believe that each child is a special gift to be cared for and loved.

At Little Scholars Nursery we aim to provide a safe, secure, flexible and friendly environment for all children. Each child will be encouraged to develop to their full potential at their own pace. We actively promote self-esteem in all children in our care, providing a wide range of planned and free choice activities, allowing them to develop friendships and interests, in a caring and supported environment.

The program at Little Scholars focuses on the development of strong social skills, moral values, decision making, awareness of others and early academics. Daily activities introduce children to a wide variety of topics including: music, creative arts, language development, Outdoor play, books, stories, water play and plenty of TLC!

We strive to provide equal opportunities for each child and family. We ensure a quality education by providing a stimulating curriculum and environment at all times. A key worker system ensures that each child’s individual needs are met.

Our experienced and qualified members of staff plan individually for each child using documents such as Child at the centre, Curriculum for excellence, the Curriculum framework and many more.

The nursery has an open door policy.  We promote partnerships between parents, staff and the wider community to ensure the provision of a quality service.

We establish opportunities for regular staff development, promoting access to education as a lifelong process, and ensuring well motivated experienced staff.

Our members of staff are encouraged to maximise the use of resources so that effective teaching and learning can be maintained at all times.

Meeting the care standards is at the heart of our service!

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