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front of nurseryLittle Scholars is a purpose built nursery with 4 large playrooms, 1 large and 2 small gardens. One of which is covered to provide shelter from the sun and rain.  We have a well-equipped sensory room, computer room, a fully functional kitchen, a central area where the children can do various physical activities, and a parent’s room.  Our building has secured entry, it is spacious and bright, and allows us the space and flexibility to cater for the individual needs of each child.

Our Nursery Rooms

Room 1 holds 13 babies, from 6 weeks to approximately 16 months old.

Room 2 holds 15 babies from approximately 16 months to 2 years. For our younger babies we endeavour to maintain their home routine to ease the transition to nursery, whilst slowly introducing the nursery daily routine.  Babies learn through their senses, therefore most of the activity are sensory based. Other activities include singing, reading stories, baking and walks within the local community.

Room 3 holds 21 children, ages 2 to 3 years. This is a fun and very active play room the pace of play is very responsive to the children’s interest.  Toilet training is usually on-going for most of the children and this is decided jointly with staff and parents to ensure that everyone is working together supporting the children.  There is plenty of opportunity for rest time.   The staff plan for each child’s development following  Together we can.

Room 4 holds 51 children, ages 3 to 5 years.   This large playroom gives the children the opportunity to develop at their own pace. Within the large spacious playroom, with an outdoor area just off the room, offers a learning environment that is rich and challenging for every child. Working in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council, we follow Curriculum For Excellence & we will to meet the developmental needs of all children.  Our emphasis is on building relationships and forming positive friendships. Within the bright spacious playroom and the outdoor play area adjacent to the room the children will be offered challenging complex play experiences that will give them the skills they need. The children also enjoy a variety of activities such as outings to the local library.  The children also have the opportunity to take part in our sports program where an independent sports teacher provides activities.  Within the room we offer opportunities for structured play and free play.  There are a wide range of educational resources available for the children to work in groups or independently.

Our Values

The values and principles of the nursery are very closely linked to the Scottish Government’s National Guidance on Pre-Birth to Three, and Curriculum for Excellence and we will which ensures that every child will experience a broad education that develops skills for learning, for life, and work with a real focus on literacy and numeracy and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

For Parents

This year we have introduced online Learning Journal. This enables staff and parents to work together to support each other and every child.  Online Learning Journal provides the features to change early years education for the better by making learning journeys simple, streamlined and fun – and by finally giving parents the opportunity to view and interact with their child’s development

Our Staff

Our highly skilled and qualified staff teams provide a safe and caring environment which promotes learning and child development within our nursery.  All staff are registered with the Scottish Social Service Council and disclosed through the Protection of Vulnerable Groups scheme.

Our Kitchen

Prepares home made fresh food for lunch sourced from local companies. Children’s allergies or cultural requirements are all catered for.

The kitchen staff have years of experience catering for children of many different nationalities, cultures, and religions.

The Sensory Room

Our unique white Sensory Room is equipped with all soft furnishing, bubble tubes, tail lighting, spot lights, soft music, projector, and various sensory equipment.  The sensory room provides a magical experience filled with soothing sounds, moving colours and shapes.

The benefits of a sensory room will be individual to all children depending on their needs.

Sensory environment improves the development through intelligence and social skills, and it generates a relaxing and calming effect. A sensory environment can increase concentration, focus attention, and improve alertness. It also provides comfort and relaxation vital for all children’s emotional health.

Little Scholars Nursery has a well-established outdoor learning environment, giving children the opportunity to learn through natural experiences.

We offer quality full time and part time nursery day care for babies, toddlers, pre-school children and in selected sites before and after school care.

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